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Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All

Company: Team 6 Game Studio
Unreal 4
PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX series X & S, XBOX One, Switch
Role: Level Designer
Release: 21/09/2021

Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All is a sequel delivering high-octane drag racing in which the Championship takes you all over the US.

I joined Team 6 Game Studio late January as a Level Designer to help with creating the Challenge Maps. Various racing game-modes set in three different environments. As I joined later in development, the environments were pretty much set in stone, but within them I had complete freedom to design tracks for the different game-modes. This also entailed designing the game-modes themselves alongside my fellow level and game designers. Due to the limited time and manpower, I had a stake in all of the created Challenge Maps, and worked on them until release.

A peek into the Challenge Maps


  • Ownership of several Challenge Maps
  • Designing tracks in pre-existing environments
  • The entire level design process
    • 2D concepting and pitching tracks and gameplay experiences
    • Blockout creation and gameplay experience testing
    • Feedback processing and iteration
    • Setdressing and level polish
  • Participating in game-mode design and level design sparring
  • Communicating with all involved departments to achieve the envisioned result

Check out more of the game on the official website!