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Spellbook (Motion Capture VR)

Team: 5 students
Level Designer, Gameplay Designer
Unity 5
Samsung Gear VR, Isadora, Motion Capture suit
Duration: 4 days

Spellbook is an experimental game to test out and experiment with the combination of multiple technologies! 

VR, motion capture tracking, and finally light and sound control using Isadora within a single room. The challenge was to make the game entertaining for the main player as well as the audience watching, therefore we decided to involve the audience by making them part of the game, trying to make every participant feel powerful through their abilities.

We settled on a wizardry game, making the main player a powerful wizard having to destroy magical crystals, carried by the audience. The audience tried to defeat the wizard with their magical crystals. By using the lights and sound system when casting spells we made the impact feel powerful and exciting for the audience. In 4 days we prototyped and developed the game.


  • Designing the gameplay around all available technologies together with my fellow designers
  • Designing and creating the level, to be 1 to 1 with the real world play area
    • From 2D sketches and layout, to final 3D space
    • Implementing the gameplay systems made into the level
    • Thorough testing with the available technologies