Bound Core


Software: Unreal Engine 4
Role: Gameplay Designer & Level Designer

Bound Core is a boss battle couch game in a futuristic cyber(punk) setting in which two players battle against the third. The unstable Earth is now riddled with sinkholes and cracks which the governments all around the world are desperately trying to fortify. The two players are engineers, travelling down a fortified sinkhole to check up on a repair-bot gone rogue, the boss played by the third player. The gameplay experience is all about fast paced action and cooperation between player one and two to take down player three. A very competitive couch game to be played by friends, always trying to beat each other.

During this project I was responsible for the level and gameplay design, as well as the character animations. The gameplay for player one and two were all about cooperation and making each other stronger, combining their abilities to make devastating combo’s, or using their abilities correctly to save each other from desperate situations. 

The mechanics for the boss were all about dealing out damage in large AOE zone’s, to quickly down the high mobility player one and two when they hit, while still rewarding high accuracy. All these mechanics were thoroughly playtested internally and externally  to ensure satisfaction for not only us but the players as well. All working towards the goal of making a multiplayer bullet hell.